Month: April 2016

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Film Locations

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show Film Locations

    Locations: Oakley Court, Windsor Road, Oakley Green, Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK (Dr. Frank-N-Furter Mansion) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 51.490129, -0.672405 Credit Extra: Official Trailer Special Release: 15/08/1975 Director: Jim Sharman Run Time: 100m Age Viewing: 15 Gross: $112,892,319

  • Mork & Mindy – House Location

    Mork & Mindy – House Location

    Locations: 1619 Pine St, Boulder, Colorado, USA (Mork & Mindy’s Home) (Built in 1900 – More info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 40.021387, -105.274994 Extra Official Trailer Release: 1978 – 1982 Run Time: 30m Age Viewing: PG Gross: N/A

  • House Of Wax (2005) Film Locations

    House Of Wax (2005) Film Locations

    The small town used in House of Wax was a timber-built set made specifically for the film that was unfortunately demolished after filming. Locations: 368F+4M Guanaba, Queensland, Australia (More info) (Thanks to Jon Rudder for this location) Google Maps Co-ordinates: -27.935050, 153.223729 3D Virtual Model: View Here Extra: Powered by JustWatch Official Trailer Special Release: 06/05/2005 Director: Jaume […]

  • Need For Speed Film Locations

    Locations: Point Arena Lighthouse, California, USA (Constructed in 1870. Reconstructed in 1908 due to an earthquake – More Info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 38.954114, -123.739864 View Image Jackson, Georgia, USA (Truck Scene) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 33.293970, -83.966347 Cartersville, Georgia, USA Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.164413, -84.808287 Extra: Official Trailer Special Release: 14/03/2014 Director: Scott Waugh Run Time: 132m Age Viewing: PG Gross: $43,577,636

  • The Founder Film Locations

    Locations: Canton Theatre – 171 E Main Street, Canton, Georgia, USA Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.236540, -84.490232 1099 U.S. 19, Thomaston, GA, United States (Original Mcdonald’s) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 32.926228, -84.334530 Extra: Official Trailer Release: 05/08/2016 Director: John Lee Hancock Run Time: N/A Age Viewing: PG Gross: N/A

  • Blade Film Locations

    Locations: the Chester Williams Building, 215 Fifth Street, downtown Los Angeles (Built in 1926 by architectural firm Curlett & Beelam – More Info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.047821, -118.250263 St. Mary’s Hospital – 1050 Linden Avenue, Long Beach, California, USA (Founded in 1923 – More Info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 33.779793, -118.186111 Extra: Official Trailer Release: 21/08/1998 Director: Stephen Norrington Run Time: 120m […]

  • The Punisher (2004) Film Locations

    The Punisher (2004) Film Locations

    Filming locations for The Punisher was filmed on location in Tampa, Florida. With other locations including Petersburg, Tierra Verde & Tarpon Springs – all in the Florida area. Locations: 700 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33602 (Frank Castle’s Apartment – Now demolished since 2011) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 27.952526, -82.451545 428 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606, […]

  • Dodgeball (2004) Film Locations

    Dodgeball (2004) Film Locations

    Dodgeball is a 2004 American sports comedy film written by Rawson Marshall Thurber, produced by Red Hour Films, and distributed by 20th Century Fox. Locations: 1150 N. Orange Drive – Los Angeles, California, USA (Peter La Fleur’s House) (Built in 1919 – More Info) (Now demolished) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.092225, -118.341293 11529 Chiquita Street, Studio City, California, […]

  • The Shining (1980) Film Locations

    The Shining (1980) Film Locations

    The Shining starring Jack Nicholson was filmed at the Timberline Lodge in Oregon, USA. In 1977 the lodge was declared a national landmark that draws in almost 2 million visitors per year. Location: Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon, USA (The Overlook Hotel) (Constructed in 1937 by architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood – More Info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: […]