ChrisFix’s Beautiful New Jersey Home

Automotive DIY YouTuber ChrisFix’s cosy 5 bed, 3 bath home complete with a swimming pool, 2 car garage situated on 2,798 sqft of land. Built in 1983, the house has a current estimated worth of $570,000.

Please note: we cannot disclose this location.






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9 thoughts on “ChrisFix’s Beautiful New Jersey Home

  1. I was actually able to find his house a couple months ago using a few videos and a few scraps of info he had posted on social media. Ended up using the street view to look for a very specific light pole that his neighborhood had, because that was the only usable landmark in his videos. 😀

    1. What county does he live in? I live in Bergen County and this looks like a Bergen county area. pretty awesome that chrisfix lives in my state!

  2. Earth pictures of the house is wrong, only 2 houses away though. Found his exact address via company information, as well as phone number and real name. But eh, close enough. Nice post. (Obviously came across this article when looking for his house out of curiosity)

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