Take a trip down memory lane to explore the before and after locations of your favourite movies, music video’s, commercials, Youtuber’s and more. We strive to bring a variety of locations from around the globe that you have seen on TV, YouTube, Netflix and/or Prime.

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What are ‘Google Maps Co-ordinates’ and how do I use them?

  Answer: Google Maps Co-ordinates help you go directly to a point of interest. To use them, simply copy and paste the code (that looks something like this: (51.655167, -0.035552) into a Google maps search bar, select search and voila!

Where can I request for a film/TV location to be added to Global Film Locations?

  Answer: Any submission, from your own personal images/videos or a film location recommendation can be submitted to us via: Our submit page.

How do I report a problem or recommend a suggestion or alteration to Global Film Locations?

  Answer: All inquiries should be made using our contact form via: Contact Page.

How do you find filming locations?

  Answer: Filming locations are found using various techniques, some of which are:

  • Locations that we can identify without research being carried out.
  • Extensive Google maps searching using a technique called ‘Roof layout identification’ and;
  • Submissions sent in to us.

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