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What are ‘Google Maps Co-ordinates’ and how do I use them?

  Answer: Google Maps Co-ordinates help you go directly to a point of interest. To use them, simply copy and paste the code (that looks something like this: 51.655167, -0.035552) into a Google maps search bar, then select search; resulting in your desired location.

Where can I request for a film/TV location to be added to Global Film Locations?

  Answer: Any submission, from your own personal images/videos or a film location recommendation can be submitted to us via: Our submit page.

How do I report a problem or recommend a suggestion or alteration to Global Film Locations?

Answer: All enquiries (Including advertising) should be made using our contact form via: Contact Page.

How do you find filming locations?

Answer: Filming locations are found using various techniques, some of which are:

  • Internet based research.
  • Locations that we can identify without research being carried out.
  • Extensive Google maps searching using a technique called ‘Roof layout identification’ and;
  • Submissions sent in to us.

Gross earnings

The gross earnings provided show the domestic gross that film has earned in the country it was made in. Not including the added gross it’s made internationally.

Why are some images provided under a particular URL and not displayed directly on Global Film Locations?

Answer: It’s a good question. But, the reason we don’t display particular images through our website is because of three reasons:

  • Copyright laws.
  • Disapproval from the original owner or;
  • No photo’s have been taken of that particular location yet.

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