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  • Bill Gates’ House Location

    Bill Gates’ House Location

    Costing $63.2 million to build, Bill Gates’ home is surely something magnificent. Completed in 2005, the 66,000-square-foot mansion that overlooks Lake Washington is packed with the coolest tech – as you could imagine. Below is the location and a more in-depth look into Gates’ magnificent home. Note: Please respect the privacy of the Gates residence. […]

  • Drawing The Why Him House (In 30 Steps)

    Drawing The Why Him House (In 30 Steps)

    Our attempt of drawing the house from the popular comedy film, Why Him. Using only Microsoft Paint you can follow these steps to achieve a similar outcome or, if possible, an even better one. While you’re here, you may also like to check out our other drawings by Clicking Here. Why Him – House Location […]

  • Notting Hill (1999) Film Locations

    Notting Hill (1999) Film Locations

    Locations: 142 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London, England, UK (Book shop) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 51.514680, -0.204178 201 Portobello Road, London Google Maps Co-ordinates: 51.516043, -0.205168 The Ritz London, Piccadilly, London, England, UK (Anna’s Hotel) (Book a stay) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 51.507191, -0.141667 Notting Hill, 280 Westbourne Park Road, London, England, UK (Blue Door) Google Maps […]

  • The Holiday (2006) House Location

    The Holiday (2006) House Location

    Locations: 1883 Orlando Road, San Marino, California, USA (Amanda’s House) (Built in 1928 – More info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.133312, -118.111766 Shere, Guildford (Iris’ Hometown) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 51.219368, -0.464808 Did you know? Iris’ cottage was made just for the film for exterior shots. It was later taken down after filming, with interior scenes recorded […]

  • Zak Bagans’ (Ghost Adventures) Haunted Museum Location

    Zak Bagans’ (Ghost Adventures) Haunted Museum Location

    Location: 600 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, USA (Built in 1938 – More info) (Official Website) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 36.158316, -115.145619 Episode: Season 12, Episode 13 Release date: 23/July/2016 Run time: 45m

  • Just Like Heaven (2005) Film Locations

    Just Like Heaven (2005) Film Locations

    Filming locations for Just Like Heaven starring Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon were shot on location in and around the San Francisco (Bay) area. The most notable location from the movie is Elizabeth’s beautiful apartment building which is located on the corner of Mason St. Other locations such as the iconic Golden Gate Bridge is […]

  • Live And Let Die (1973) Film Locations

    Live And Let Die (1973) Film Locations

    The film, Live and Let Die, was released in 1973. It features James Bond on a mission in Jamaica to stop the villainous Mr. Big from disrupting the world oil supply. The film is a remake of the 1958 novel of the same name by Ian Fleming. The film was shot on location in Jamaica […]

  • Circle (2015) Filming Location

    Circle (2015) Filming Location

    Location: 600 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA, USA (The brige you can see is the ‘Sixth Street Viaduct’. Also seen in True Lies ) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.038314, -118.229391 Extra: Official Trailer Release: 16/10/2015 Directors: Aaron Hann, Mario Miscione Run Time: 87m Age Viewing: 15 Gross: N/A

  • Taken (2008) Film Locations

    Taken (2008) Film Locations

    The 2008 film Taken, starring Liam Neeson, is based on the novel by Robert Crais. It tells the story of a retired CIA agent who sets out to save his daughter from sex trafficking. The film was set in France and filmed in a number of locations around the world. These included Paris, Orléans, Rouen […]