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  • Fantasy Island (2020) Filming Location

    Fantasy Island (2020) Filming Location

    Filming for 2020 comedy, horror Fantasy Island took place on a private island in Fiji. The mansion in real-life is actually a one-storey vacation home with upper floors added in with CGI effects. Location: Viani Bay, Fiji Google Maps Co-ordinates: -16.764037, 179.914968 Credit Extra: Official Trailer Release: 06/03/2020 Director: Jeff Wadlow Run Time: 110m Age Viewing: 15 Gross:…

  • Avatar – Floating Mountains Location

    Avatar – Floating Mountains Location

    Although this scene contains a lot of CGI, the inspirational setting was thanks to Wulingyuan in China. If you decide to explore this beautifully unique environment, one Trip Advisor member recommends “Allowing yourself at least 3 full days to completely explore each area of the park as it is quite large and to do several of…

  • The Fugitive Train Wreck Location

    The Fugitive Train Wreck Location

    CGI wasn’t available in the year 1993 when the film was made. Therefore, using an actual train wreck makes the popular scene all the more real. Especially when viewed from an Ariel-view in the helicopter. It is said how difficult it would have been to replace the wreckage with CGI if it was available at…