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  • Hot One’s: Season 8, Episode 1 Full Script

    Hot One’s: Season 8, Episode 1 Full Script

    Enjoy the outrageously hilarious, full Hot One’s script from Season 8, episode 1 featuring the infamous Gordon Ramsay. From funny stories to a lot of swearing, this copy is the first of many scripts for you to enjoy, totally free! Download here: Hot Ones: Season 8, Episode 1 Script 

  • Kill’em – Telephone Box Location

    Kill’em – Telephone Box Location

    The actual telephone box where Kill’em stayed an entire night equipped with a bucket full of money, tea and biscuits, Pikachu toy, radio scanner, dart board and many more “necessities” Location: 48 Forest Rd, New Ollerton, Newark NG22 9ST Google Maps Co-ordinates: 53.204450, -1.006455 Official Video Release date: March 7, 2018