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  • Hurricane Irma – Before & After

    Hurricane Irma – Before & After

    A comparison of how hurricane Urma brought destruction and devastation to the people of Florida and the surrounding areas. Advance Discount Auto Parts Bahia Honda State Park Central Avenue, Downtown Naples Colonnade Plaza, Miami Ocean Drive, Miami Credit: Wilfredo Lee Downtown, Miami Highway 1 Ocean Drive (The Storm Approaching) Stay tuned for more images

  • Top Gear – Series 24 Episode 6 Filming locations

    Top Gear – Series 24 Episode 6 Filming locations

    Locations: Bay of Pigs, Cuba (Chris & Rory present their cars – A Maserati & Cheverolet) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 22.162072, -81.169089 Credit Aeropuerto Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Cuba (Drag Race) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 23.123541, -81.303614 Official Trailer Series 24, Episode 6 Cast: Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, Rory Reid