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  • Fast Five (2011) Film Locations

    Fast Five (2011) Film Locations

    Locations: Puente Teodoro Moscoso, Carolina, 00979, Puerto Rico Google Maps Co-ordinates: 18.433778, -66.022101 PR-23, San Juan, 00918, Puerto Rico (Intersection) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 18.423353, -66.058506 Extra: Official Trailer Release: 21/04/2011 Director: Justin Lin Run Time: 130 Age Viewing: 12A Gross: $209,837,675

  • Luis Fonsi – Despacito Filming Location

    Luis Fonsi – Despacito Filming Location

    The filming location for the popular music video Despacito. As of August 2017, the music video has currently attained over 3 billion views since being published in January. Location: La Perla, San Juan, Puerto Rico Google Maps Co-ordinates: 18.468825, -66.114587 La Factoría, Calle San Sebastián, San Juan, Puerto Rico (Club/Bar) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 18.467235, -66.117526 Official…

  • Assassins (1995) Film Locations

    Assassins (1995) Film Locations

    Assassins is a 1995 thriller film that was directed by Richard Donner and written by Kevin Jarre. The film stars Sylvester Stallone (as Robert Rath), Antonio Banderas (as Miguel Bain) and Julianne Moore (as Electra). Filming mostly took place in and around Seattle Washington, with the final chapter of the movie being shot in San…

  • Golden Eye Filming Location

    Golden Eye Filming Location

    Location: Arecibo Telescope, Puerto Rico 625, Arecibo, Puerto Rico (Built in early 1960’s – More info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 18.344411, -66.752829 Credit Extra: Official Trailer Release: 17/11/1995 Director: Martin Campbell Run Time: 130m Age Viewing: 15 Gross: $106,429,941