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  • Heather Rooney – Harry Potter Drawings

    Heather Rooney – Harry Potter Drawings

    Incredibly realistic Harry Potter art work created by 22 year old self-taught illustrator, Heather Rooney. She specializes in photo-realistic coloured pencil and graphite drawings that will make you look twice. Consisting of an incredible amount of hours put in to each drawing, Heather truly creates masterpieces that look more improved than the photo’s she draws from. […]

  • Troels Kirk – Making Waves on the Coast Line Tutorial

    Troels Kirk demonstrates how he makes the waves on his rail model, using clear gloss acrylic gel (Liquitex). An incredible amount of effort and technique has gone into his model which you can only admire. Judging by the detail, many man hours have gone into the model; as the realism is more than perfect. Buy Liquitex here: Liquitex Gel […]