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  • Ghost Adventures – Season 10 Episode 2 Filming Location

    Ghost Adventures – Season 10 Episode 2 Filming Location

    Location: 3322 Demenil Place, St. Louis, MO, United States (Built in 1868 by St. Louisian Jacob Feickert – More info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 38.593182, -90.215884 Full Episode Release date: 11/October/2014 Run time: 45m

  • 12 Angry Men (1957) Filming Location

    12 Angry Men (1957) Filming Location

    Location: New York County Family Court, Lafayette Street, New York, NY, United States (Built between 1913 and 1927 by architect Guy Lowell – More Info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 40.716499, -74.003085 Credit Extra: Official Trailer Release: 04/1957 Director: Sidney Lumet Run Time: 118m Age Viewing: U Gross: N/A

  • Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag Video Location

    Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag Video Location

    Released in the year 2000, Wheatus’ Teenage Dirtbag music video was filmed on location at the Ulysses S. Grant High School in Los Angeles. The song was one of the main soundtracks to Jason Biggs’ rom-com movie, Loser (which is part of the music video). Location: Ulysses S. Grant High School, Los Angeles, CA, USA…

  • Phone Booth Film Locations

    Phone Booth Film Locations

    Locations: 207 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.047696, -118.249855 Extra: Official Trailer Release: 04/04/2003 Director: Joel Schumacher Run Time: 81m Age Viewing: 15 Gross: $46,566,212

  • The Call Up Film Location

    Location: Filmed entirely inside: Eleven Brindleyplace, 2 Brunswick Square, Birmingham, UK Google Maps Co-ordinates: 52.476729, -1.914311 Extra: Official Trailer Release: 20/05/2016 Director: Charles Barker Run Time: 90m Age Viewing: 15 Gross: N/A

  • Lizard Lick Towing HQ Film location

    Lizard Lick Towing HQ Film location

    Location: 2605 Hwy 97 Lizard Lick, NC 27951, USA (More Info) (View Map & Directions) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 35.816265, -78.375397 Extra: Ep1 Trailer Ronnie’s facebook, Ronnie’s Twitter Amy’s Facebook, Amy’s Twitter Lizard Lick Towing Website First Episode: February /7/2011 Run Time: 30m Age Viewing: 15

  • Grave Encounters (2011) Film Location

    Grave Encounters (2011) Film Location

    Location: Riverview Hospital, Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam, BC, Canada (Built in 1893 by architect Unknown – More Info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 49.245838, -122.804912 Extra: Powered by JustWatch Official Trailer Special Full Movie Release: 09/09/2011 Directors: Colin Minihan & Stuart Ortiz Run Time: 92m Age Viewing: 15 Gross: $5,408,334

  • Daddy Day Care Film Locations

    Daddy Day Care Film Locations

    Locations: 351 Congress Place, Pasadena, CA, USA (Daddy Day Care Home)(Built in 1895 by architect: Louis Kwiatkowski – More Info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.134343, -118.15772 3340 Country Club Drive, Mid City, Los Angeles, California, USA Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.049590, -118.315760 Extra: Official Trailer Release: 09/05/2003 Directors: Steve Carr Run Time: 92m Age Viewing: PG Gross: $104,297,061

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane Film Locations

    Locations: Home Place Plantation – State Highway 18, Hahnville, Louisiana, USA (Built in 1787 – More Info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 30.141352, -90.935375 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Google Maps Co-ordinates: 29.960622, -90.097744 Extra: Official Trailer Release: 11/03/2016 Directors: Dan Trachtenberg Run Time: 103m Age Viewing: 15 Gross: $71,328,545