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  • Pride and Prejudice (2005) Film Location

    Pride and Prejudice (2005) Film Location

    The 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice stars Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen. The film was primarily filmed in the Peak District, however, the proposal scene where Darcy professes his love to Elizabeth was filmed in the south, at the Temple of Apollo, Stourhead Gardens, Wiltshire. Location: Temple of Apollo, Stourhead Gardens, Wiltshire, UK Google […]

  • The Ugly Truth (2009) Film Locations

    The Ugly Truth (2009) Film Locations

    Filming locations for the comedy romance, The Ugly Truth. Location: 1930 Rodney Drive, Los Angeles, California, USA (Abby’s Home) (Built in 1936 – More info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.106459, -118.288443 San Francisco Saloon, West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.033434, -118.442732 The Century Plaza, Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA, […]

  • Top Gun (1986) Film Locations

    Top Gun (1986) Film Locations

    Locations: 102 North Pacific Street, Oceanside, California, USA (Charlie’s House – moved temporarily) (Built in 1905 – More info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 33.193286, -117.382135 Kansas City Barbeque – 610 W. Market Street, San Diego, California, USA (Piano Bar Scene) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 32.711603, -117.168674 Credit New Point Loma Lighthouse, Cabrillo Road, San Diego, CA, USA (Viper’s […]

  • Grease (1978) Film Locations

    Grease (1978) Film Locations

    Locations: Venice High School – 13000 Venice Boulevard, Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA (Most scenes recorded here, including Summer Nights) (Established in 1911 – More Info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 33.997485, -118.443831 Sixth Street Viaduct, East 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Car race starting line) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.038599, -118.228060 4524 Kingswell Avenue, Los Angeles, California, USA (The […]

  • Little Fockers (2010) Film Locations

    Little Fockers (2010) Film Locations

    In 2010 the Fockers are back for a third time, this time for Christmas with their kids and the in-laws. Starring Ben Stiller (Gregory Gaylord Focker), Robert De Niro (Jack Byrnes), Owen Wilson (Kevin Rawley) and many other original cast members, Jack Byrnes wants to appoint Greg as the ‘Godfocker’ of the family if he […]