Punning Business Names In The UK

If you’re taking a virtual trip of Google Maps – particularly around the UK – you will come across a lot of beautiful things. And then you reach some areas that just pop out in a way you’re not expecting them to. You may or may not ask yourself why they look familiar,  but then…


Only Fools & Horses Street Names

If you are an Only Fools & Horses fan, you may or may not be aware of the number of UK street names that relate to the popular UK sitcom. And, if you have a few days spare, you may enjoy touring the country to visit these familiar names. Locations: Rodney Close, Hilton, Derby Google…

Fort Boyard Game show Location

The filming location for the UK game show series, Fort Boyard. Also known as Les Clés de Fort Boyard, the building was constructed in 1857 by Armand Samuel de Marescot – More info. Location: Fort Boyard, Fouras, France Google Maps Co-ordinates: 45.999535, -1.213955 Game Show Tour 

Underground Shell Grotto Location

Discovered in 1835, the Shell Grotto is an incredible underground network, consisting of mosaics made entirely from sea shells. The Grotto has been the subject of much speculation over the years and is still a mystery today as to why it was created and the purpose it served. After two years of being found in…

The Foreigner (2017) Film Locations

Explore the filming locations for the epic 2017 Jackie Chan film, The Foreigner.

Drawing Inbetweeners Will’s House (In 40 Steps)

Our attempt of drawing Will’s house from the popular UK TV comedy, Inbetweeners. Using only Microsoft Paint you can follow these steps to achieve a similar outcome or, if possible, an even better one. While you’re here, you may also like to check out our other drawings by Clicking Here. The Inbetweeners Filming Locations

Misfits Filming Location

Location: Southmere Lakeside Complex, Thamesmead South, London, England, UK Google Maps Co-ordinates: 51.501422, 0.124015 Episodes from: 2009 – 2013 Run time: 60m