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  • Barcelona (2017) Attack Location Map

    Barcelona (2017) Attack Location Map

    An attack took place on Thursday 17th, August 2017 in a popular tourist destination in Barcelona, Spain. A Van entered a pedestrian zone near the Font De Canaletes, and came to a halt near Mosaic de Joan Miró o del Pla de l’Os. Below is an incident map of where the event happened and where you…

  • London Bridge Incident Map (Breaking News)

    London Bridge Incident Map (Breaking News)

    Breaking News Locations: London Bridge, London (Location where the van – with 3 people – mounts the pavement at approximately 10:15pm) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 51.507872, -0.087810 Borough Market, Southwark Street, London (A market place popular with tourists – gunshots were heard and potential knife threat happened) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 51.505467, -0.090792 According to Google directions the…