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  • Exploring With Josh Ape Cave Location

    Location: Ape Cave, Cougar, WA, USA (Discovered in 1947 – More info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 46.109540, -122.211393 Official Video

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Reboot

    A reboot of the 1975 classic. Which so far, isn’t going down well in the internet world. It was confirmed by fox after the official trailer was published on YouTube on May 16, 2016. But, what do you think about the reboot of a good old classic? let us know in the comments below. Extra: […]

  • Fan Makes A Captain America Electromagnet Shield

    Taking it to the next level. This Captain America fan (YouTube Channel) makes a real, working, electromagnetic shield and it’s awesome. Anyway, check it out, the video speaks for itself. Extra: Film Locations Captain America: Civil War Film Locations Release: 06/05/2016 Directors: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo Run Time: 146m Age Viewing: 12A Gross: $181,791,000