House Of Wax (2005) Film Locations

The 2005 horror movie “House of Wax” features a fictional small town named Ambrose, which was constructed as a timber-built set in the Gold Coast Hinterland of Queensland, Australia. The set included a gas station, diner, church, and even a functioning wax museum. Unfortunately, the set was demolished after filming, so it no longer exists in real life.

Despite being a temporary set, the fictional town of Ambrose had a significant impact on the film’s atmosphere, adding to its eerie and isolated setting. The set’s design, particularly the wax museum, also played an important role in the plot of the movie, making it a key element in the overall horror experience.


368F+4M Guanaba, Queensland, Australia (More info) (Thanks to Jon Rudder for this location)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: -27.935050, 153.223729




3D Virtual Model:View Here

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Release: 06/05/2005

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

Run Time: 108m

Age Viewing: 15

Gross: $32,064,800

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6 responses to “House Of Wax (2005) Film Locations”

  1. You can see the actual town of Ambrose set in Google Earth at 27°56’5.08″S, 153°13’27.22″E and slide the time bar to 2004.

  2. You can edit the time bar by selecting “Show Historical Imagery” which is the 7th icon along the top of Google earth.

  3. Just a FYI for anyone wanting to visit the set location, although it appears easily accessible and just off the side of the road on Google Earth, unfortunately it’s on private property and the front gate to the property is well before you get to the location. I assume many people have tried to visit over the years as there are a lot of signs at the front gate (more than you would expect for this type of property) which say “private property” “no trespassing” “security cameras” “trespassers will be prosecuted” etc.. definitely a shame for fans who want to see it.

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