Funny Bob Ross Parody

Bob Ross Parody

If you’ve watched Bob Ross before then you’ll know why this is hilarious.

Created by YouTube user user3242 in 2010. In that time, his video has gone viral. Racking up 1,201,019 views as of May/12/2016.

If you’re not firmiliar of Bob Ross, here’s a clip of him in action


Born: 29/October/1942

Died: 04/July/1995 (Cause: lymphoma)

Show: The Joy of Painting (1983-1995)

Past: Before the Joy of Painting, Bob Ross spent 20 years in the United States Air Force.

Cast (1990):

  • Executive Producer: Bob Smith
  • Production Manager: Sally Schenck
  • Chief Engineer: Jim Miller
  • Director: Sally Schenck
  • Audio: Jerry Morton
  • Graphics: Patrick Grimes
  • Cameras: Richard Collins, Cathy Morton, Kate Gordon
  • Lighting: Robin Cross
  • Engineering: Bob Fairchild, Jerry Hunt
  • Technical Assistance: Annette Kowalski

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