Stand By Me (1986) Film Locations

Stand by Me is a 1986 American coming-of-age film based on Stephen King’s novella The Body. The film tells the story of four boys who go to look for the body of a missing boy, and the challenges they face along the way.

The movie was directed by Rob Reiner, who also directed When Harry Met Sally and A Few Good Men. The film stars Wil Wheaton as Gordie Lachance, River Phoenix as Chris Chambers, Corey Feldman as Teddy Duchamp and Jerry O’Connell as Vern Tessio.

The film was shot on location in and around the state of Oregon, with other locations (such as the bridge scene with the train) filmed in California.

Stand By Me Locations:

405 Main Street, Brownsville, Oregon, United States (Gordie Buys Magazine)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 44.394388, -122.984623

School Ave, Brownsville, OR 97327, USA

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 44.395981, -122.983867

221-225 Holloway Heights, Brownsville, OR 97327, USA

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 44.394451, -122.984887

26403 Franklin Rd, Junction City, Oregon, USA (Vern’s House)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 44.156317, -123.305701

Row River Trail Bridge, Saginaw, OR, USA

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 43.778296, -123.005883

25850 Tidball Ln, Veneta, OR 97487, USA (Castle Rock Salvage)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 44.050408, -123.322357

91979 Territorial Hwy, Junction City, Oregon, USA (Quidaciolu’s General Store)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 44.156553, -123.307400


325 Fisher St, Brownsville, OR, USA (Gordie’s House)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 44.394029, -122.988238

Eagle Mountain Lane, Burney, California, USA (Bridge)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 41.014914, -121.618459




380 South San Rafael Avenue, Pasadena, California, USA (Gordie’s home when older) (Built in 1928 – More info) (also seen in Bowfinger & Dinner For Schmucks)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.137383, -118.169957

100 Main Street, Brownsville, Oregon 97327-2132, United States (Bridge to find body)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 44.390938, -122.984387



Park Ave, Brownsville, OR 97327, USA

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 44.393508, -122.984889


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Official Trailer

Release: 22/08/1986

Director: Rob Reiner

Run Time: 89m

Age Viewing: 15

Gross: $52,287,414

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