Salem’s Lot (1979) Film Locations

Filming locations for 1979 horror Salem’s Lot was filmed in the small town of Ferndale in North California.


207 Francis Street, Ferndale, California, USA (Straker & Barlow’s Antique Store) (Built in 1884 for Dr. Alford – More info)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 40.575277, -124.265700


850 Bluff Street, Ferndale, California, USA (The Marsten House) (More info)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 40.572412, -124.259481

248 Francis Street, Ferndale, California, USA (Crockett Realty) (Built in 1881 – More info)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 40.575262, -124.265017



Ferndale Cemetery, Ferndale, California, USA (Cemetery)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 40.573600, -124.262940

Ferndale High School, 1231 Main Street, Ferndale, California, USA (Jason’s School) (Built in 1967 – More info)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 40.584881, -124.259982



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Official Trailer

Release: 17/11/1979

Director: Tobe Hooper

Run Time: 184m

Age Viewing: PG

Gross: N/A

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