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  • Boss Level (2020) Film Locations

    Boss Level (2020) Film Locations

    Filming locations for Frank Grillo’s (Roy Pulver) action, Sci-Fi Boss Level was filmed in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Locations: 209 Mitchell St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States (Roy’s Apartment) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 33.751793, -84.394558 140 Carnegie Way NW, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA (Smiley) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 33.758178, -84.388415 Plaza Walk, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA […]

  • Secret Window (2004) Film Locations

    Secret Window (2004) Film Locations

    Secret Window starring Johnny Depp filming locations took place in and around Canada and New York. Locations: 39 R. Main, North Hatley, QC J0B 2C0, Canada (Tashmore Lake Police Station) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 45.276429, -71.973433 200 Park Ave 51st Floor, New York, NY 10166, United States (Mort & Ted have a chat) Google Maps Co-ordinates: […]

  • Scream 5 (2022) Film Locations

    Scream 5 (2022) Film Locations

    Filming locations from the brand new Scream 5 trailer that is to be released in January 2022. Locations: 1201 Country Club Rd, Wilmington, NC, USA Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.225057, -77.912716 3871 Tomales Road, Tomales, California, USA (Stu’s House from Scream 1996) (Built in 1991 – More Info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 38.234401, -122.8965 Extra: Powered by JustWatch Official […]

  • Edge of Darkness (2010) Film Locations

    Edge of Darkness (2010) Film Locations

    Mel Gibson’s 2010 crime, thriller Edge of Darkness was filmed in and around the state of Massachusetts, with Boston being the primary location and Northampton for the courthouse scene. Locations: 68 Bradfield Ave, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (Thomas Craven’s Home) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 42.289798, -71.140378 I-90, Boston, MA 02127, USA Google Maps Co-ordinates: 42.346911, -71.063885 Location […]

  • The Firm (1993) Film Locations

    The Firm (1993) Film Locations

    Filming locations for Tom Cruise’s 1993 mystery, thriller The Firm, was filmed in and around Boston, Memphis & Washington DC. Locations: Copley Plaza, Saint James Avenue, Boston, MA, USA (Interview) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 42.349495, -71.076381 Location not found (Mitch & Abby’s Apartment) Google Maps Co-ordinates: N/A 191 Tuckahoe Lane, Memphis, TN, USA (Mitch & Abby’s […]

  • The Conjuring 3 (2021) Film Locations

    The Conjuring 3 (2021) Film Locations

    Filming locations for the third instalment of The Conjuring starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga was filmed in and around Newnan, Georgia. Some locations such as the house and the reservoir are still to be found for now. Exteriors and interiors of the Coweta country probate court in Newnan were used for the court scenes. […]

  • The Others (2001) Mansion Location

    The Others (2001) Mansion Location

    In 2001, Nicole Kidman starred in horror, mystery, The Others filmed at the Palacio de los Hornillos in Cantabria, Spain. The movie is about a woman called Grace Stewart who lives in her old family home with her two photosensitive children, later becoming convinced that her home is haunted. Location: Palacio de los Hornillos, Las […]

  • Run (2020) Film Locations

    Run (2020) Film Locations

    Run 2020 was filmed in Selkirk, Manitoba where most of the town scenes were filmed. And also Winnipeg, Manitoba where we believe they used this location to film where Chloe (Kiera Allen) lives. Where can I watch Run? Run is currently streaming on Hulu. Locations: Location Unknown (Chloe’s Home) Google Maps Co-ordinates: N/A Landmark Cinemas […]

  • Hinterland (2013 – 2016) Filming Locations

    Hinterland (2013 – 2016) Filming Locations

    Filming locations for crime, drama, Hinterland was filmed on location in and around Aberystwyth in Wales. Locations: Devil’s Bridge Falls, Woodlands, Pontarfynach, Aberystwyth Google Maps Coordinates: 52.376970, -3.850635 B4572, Borth SY24 5NR Google Maps Coordinates: 52.475207, -4.052177 Borth SY24 5JX Google Maps Coordinates: 52.514804, -4.052870 Swyddfa’r Sir, Aberystwyth SY23 2DQ (Police Station) Google Maps Coordinates: […]