Mr. Deeds (2002) Film Locations

Mr. Deeds is a 2002 comedy film directed by Steven Brill and starring Adam Sandler and Winona Ryder. The story follows Longfellow Deeds, a small-town guy who inherits a massive fortune from his late uncle and moves to New York City to claim his inheritance. The film features several iconic locations, including the Public Art “Atlas” statue on 5th Avenue, New Milford’s Deed’s Pizza, and The Riverside Church in Manhattan.

The film’s New York City locations give viewers a glimpse into some of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, such as the Riverside Church, which serves as the church in the film. Additionally, the Felt Forum at Madison Square Garden makes an appearance, serving as the site of a shareholder meeting for a major corporation. The film’s Connecticut location, Deed’s Pizza, offers a charming small-town feel, where Deeds spends much of his time socializing with the locals. The film’s diverse range of locations reflects the contrast between Longfellow Deeds’ simple life in a small town and his sudden introduction to the hustle and bustle of big city life.


Public Art “Atlas”, 5th Avenue, New York, NY, United States (Built in 1937 by artist Lee Oscar LawrieMore info)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 40.758943, -73.977202

This iconic sculpture by artist Lee Oscar Lawrie was built in 1937 and appears in the film during a scene where Mr. Deeds is walking down 5th Avenue in New York City.





31 Bank Street, New Milford, Connecticut, United States (Deed’s Pizza)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 41.577430, -73.411836

This location serves as Deeds’ Pizza in the film, where Longfellow Deeds, played by Adam Sandler, invites some of the local townspeople to join him for a slice of pizza and a chat. The building still operates as a pizzeria to this day.



The Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive, Manhattan, New York, NY, United States (The Church) (More info)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 40.811860, -73.963105

This historic church, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, makes an appearance in the film as the church where Deeds attends a charity benefit, and where he later gives a heartfelt speech. The church is known for its stunning Gothic architecture and its progressive social activism.



989 South Madison Avenue, Pasadena, California, United States (Babe Bennett’s fake family house)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.128820, -118.138557

Babe Bennett’s fake family home is located in this stunning Craftsman-style house, built in 1910. The house is still standing and is a popular destination for architecture enthusiasts.



Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden – 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA (Opened in 1968, built by architect Charles LuckmanMore info)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 40.750514, -73.993457

The Felt Forum, located inside Madison Square Garden, is where the finale of the film takes place. It’s an iconic venue that has hosted many famous events and concerts over the years.


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Release: 28/06/2002

Director: Steven Brill

Run Time: 96m

Age Viewing: 15

Gross: $126,293,452

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