Movie Homes Quiz – Test Your Movie Knowledge

Here we have compiled a list of homes that have appeared on the big screen. Test your movie knowledge to see how many homes you can recognize.

(Note: Correct answers can be found at the bottom)

Home #1


Which movie has this home appeared in:

A – The Goonies

B – Mrs Doubtfire

C – Cheaper By The Dozen

D – The Proposal

Home #2


A – Cop Out

B – Grease

C – Meet The Fockers

D – Paranormal Activity

Home #3


A – American Pie

B – Bad Neighbors

C – Insidious

D – Paranormal Activity

Home #4


A – Ghostbusters

B – Back To The Future

C – The Princess Diaries

D – The Mask

House #5


A – Small Soldiers

B – Knocked Up

C – 13 Going On 30

D – Big Fat Liar

House #6


A – Breaking Bad

B – Knocked Up

C – 13 Going On 30

D – Flubber

House #7


A – 13 Reasons Why

B – I Know What You Did Last Summer

C – True Lies

D – Gran Torino

House #8


A – Don’t Breathe

B – 8 Miles

C – Spiderman

D – The Fugitive

House #9


A – Batman

B – Fences

C – Meet The Parents

D – Disturbia

Home #10


A – Daddy Day Care

B – P.S. I Love You

C – Platoon

D – Honey I Shrunk The Kids

Home #11


A – Nightmare on Elm Street

B – American Pie

C – Wedding Crashers

D – Liar Liar

Home #12


A – Dodgeball

B – P.S. I Love You

C – Juno

D – Back To The Future

Home #13


A – Hairspray

B – Rocky

C – Enemy of the State

D – Die Hard

Home #14


A – Home Alone

B – Get Out

C – Grave Encounters

D – The Whole Nine Yards

Home #15


A – The Visit

B – Halloween

C – Big Momma’s House

D – I Spit on Your Grave

Correct Answers:

Home #1

Correct answer: (B) Mrs Doubtfire

Home #2

Correct answer: (D) Paranormal Activity

Home #3

Correct answer: (C) Insidious

Home #4

Correct answer: (C) The Princess Diaries

Home #5

Correct answer: (A) Small Soldiers

Home #6

Correct answer: (D) Flubber

Home #7

Correct answer: (C) True Lies

Home #8

Correct answer: (A) Don’t Breathe

Home #9

Correct answer: (B) Fences

Home #10

Correct answer: (A) Daddy Day Care

Home #11

Correct answer: (D) Liar Liar

Home #12

Correct answer: (C) Juno

Home #13

Correct answer: (A) Hairspray

Home #14

Correct answer: (D) The Whole Nine Yards

Home #15

Correct answer: (C) Big Momma’s House

How many did you get? Comment below!


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