Fun and Interesting Finds On Google Maps

With the power of Google maps theirs almost nowhere you can’t virtually discover from the comfort of your own home. With this in mind, it’s inevitable that some funny images were going to be snapped.

To begin, we have the “A HOLE” neighbor lawn cutout. Discreetly trimmed to personally insult their neighbor, this find has got to be our funniest we have found so far. The lettering, which can only be seen clearly from above, is completely oblivious to the targeted neighbor. Unless he/she is familiar with Google maps or a drone, we’re pretty convinced they have no clue what the lawn spells out.


“A HOLE” Lawn

114 W Nelson Rd, Sequim, WA, United States

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 48.142917, -123.169240


Prada Store In The Middle of Nowhere (Art Project)

At first glance this may look to be a randomly placed Prada store in the middle of nowhere. Technically speaking it is but, there is a purpose for it’s being. Installed by two artists by the names of Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, the purpose of this project was to build a sculpture (housing Prada products) with intentions of it never being prepared.

The sculpture was built in 2005 and funded by the Art Production Fund (APF). Learn more

Prada Marfa, U.S. 90, Valentine, TX

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 30.603460, -104.518490




Top Gear Stig

If you are travelling along the A82 (on Google Maps) in Scotland around Achnahannet Farm, Inverness, you will eventually come across Top Gear’s Stig. His location is on the west side of the Loch Ness Lake, just north of Bunloit.

Achnahannet Farm, Inverness, UK

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 57.301359, -4.470031



Scottish Horseman

Again in Scotland, travelling along the Hazledene Road in Aberdeen you will find the “Scottish Horseman” casually standing just from the road side.

Hazledene Road, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 57.136860, -2.168007



World’s Smallest Church

Similar to the Prada structure being located in the middle of nowhere, this structure does not serve as an artistic project this time. Judging from the cross, this small structure can only be described as the world’s smallest church. Located in Chile, the purpose of this is unknown however, besides it potentially being a church, we would take another guess and say it’s either a memorial in honor of someone that passed away in that area.

Top Tip: Keep a look-out if you set out on finding this structure, as it is very easy to overlook.

B-165, Calama, Región de Antofagasta, Chile

Google Maps Co-ordinates: -22.339170, -68.546136



Towing a Stuffed Penguin on a Penny-farthing

Right outside the Wearne Hostel in Australia you can find a person on a high-wheeler (Penny-farthing) merrily towing along a stuffed penguin teddy.

Fun Fact: Did you know, the penny-farthing was the first machine to be called a “Bicycle”.

Wearne Hostel for the Aged, Cottesloe, Western Australia, Australia

Google Maps Co-ordinates: -32.010553, 115.752306



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