9/11 – One World Trade Center Time-lapse (16 Year Anniversary)

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the tragic event that had taken place on the city of New York in 2001. A day none of us will ever forget, and a day we should all come together to remember the innocent lives lost that day.

Nearly 3000 people had lost their lives at the hands of one of the largest terrorist acts ever on American soil. The bravery of those that survived the initial impact from within the towers, the police, firemen, witnesses and more all should be remembered for the the selfless acts they made to help save other peoples lives.

In commemoration to the towers collapsing, construction had started on building the One World Trade Center on April, 2006. And, was completed on November the 3rd, 2014.

Below is a time-lapse from Earth Cam showing the construction of the new One World Trade Center from start to finish.

Location: 9/11 Memorial, Greenwich Street, New York, NY, United States

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The First Tower Collapse
The Birth of The New One World Trade Center Tower

Official Video from Earth Cam

Memorial (Ground Zero)

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