Realistic Celebrity Drawings That Look Better Than Photographs

21 realistic drawings that will make you question whether or not they’re a photograph or not. From chalk, pencil and paintings, you can see how incredibly talented some people are – especially when it comes to portraits.

As these drawings were drawn by Twitter users you can be sure to find many more like these if we are missing some you would have liked to see.

Whiz Khalifa

Will Smith

 Johnny Depp

Leonardo Dicaprio

 Ryan Gosling

Christian Bale & Heath Ledger – Batman

 Michael Cane

Brad Pitt

 Hugh Jackman

Robert Downey Jr

 Robin Williams

James Franco

 Dustin Hoffman

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson

 Denzel Washington

Robert De Niro

 Liam Neeson

Jake Gyllenhaal

 Morgan Freeman

Jim Carrey

 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Samuel L Jackson



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