10 Detailed TV Set Models – 3D Design

10 extremely detailed sets and exterior models you may be familiar with. Some are made by us, but the majority are credited to Koen J. who has a fantastic gallery of models we think you will love.

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10- Friends

Coffee House

(Koen J.)


Apartment (Koen J.)


9- The Big Bang Theory

(Koen J.)


8 – Mrs Browns Boys


7 – Los Pollos Hermanos



6 – The Simpsons – Springfield

(Koen J.)


5 – Jeremy Kyle Show



4 – The Late Late Show – James Corden



3 – Titanic Staircase

(Koen J.)


2 – Toy Story – Andy’s Room

(Koen J.)


1 – UP House

(Koen J.)


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