5 Things You Might Not Know About Christmas Films

1. Home Alone – Angels With Filthy Souls Is Not a Real Film

It’s been 27 years since Home Alone hit the big screens in 1990 – which turned out to be the highest grossing film of that year. With it’s still-remaining high popularity, the film comes with many unknown facts you may not know about. One of which is the film Kevin watches to scare away his intruders, Angels With Filthy Souls. This film is actually a fictional gangster movie that was made for the Home Alone film.


2. Elf – Fake Central Park Back-drop

One of – if not – the most loved Christmas film since Home Alone that definitely has to be on everyone’s top 5 Christmas films. And like many other films, Elf comes with it’s fair share of fun facts most people don’t actually know about. Like the fact that the snowball fight scene in Central Park is actually a back-drop based in Vancouver, Canada – not New York City.

Furthermore, when Buddy the Elf begins throwing snow balls at lightning speeds, Will was instructed to place his arm straight down and move his body, allowing for a digital version of his arm to be edited in of him throwing snowballs incredibly fast.


3. Die Hard – Real Explosives Were Used

Real explosives were used on the first floor of the Fox Plaza (Nakotomi) building. The explosion was a result of John Mcclaine’s (Bruce Willis) DIY explosive (the computer screen strapped to a chair scene).


4. Jim Carrey Almost Quit Playing The Grinch Role

Jim Carrey had to endure putting on the make-up for the Grinch film 100 times in total. During this period, Jim was close to quitting the film on numerous occassions.

Carrey says in an interview after the film that he:

“had to be a Zen Master. By the end of the project you could literally hit me in the face with a baseball bat and I would’ve gone, good morning, nice to see ya. I learned patience, it was amazing”.


5. Christmas With the Kranks Street Was a Set

The street that was home to the Kranks in Christmas with the Kranks was an entire set built for the film. Located at Downey Studios 12214 Lakewood Boulevard, Downey, California, USA, the plot has since been demolished (in 2012) and has now become a shopping center.


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