5 Best Soccer Movies Ever Made

What makes soccer an addictive sport? When you look from a perspective that 22 men run around one ball it sounds very strange. The Best soccer players in the world monthly earn millions of dollars and some of them are even more popular than Hollywood stars. Due to that, it is logical that in the movie industry we can find a lot of bad and good movies related to sport. Most sports movies, especially football movies, are about victory, cheering, and game. I want you to decide which one is the best among my 5 best soccer movies ever made.

VICTORY (1981)

This movie is from 1981, and in this movie you can see that soccer is not just a game with 22 players and one ball. This movie is a must watch for any soccer fan. The story of this movie is located in the time of WWII when Nazi officers wanted to play a match with Allied Prisoners as propaganda for the public. On the other side, players see the match as an opportunity to escape from the notorious place they are held. In the movie, we can see Pele, who one of the best soccer players, standing side by side with Michael Cain and Sylvester Stallone.


The Football Factory (2004)

Made in 2004, this movie focused on the bad side of soccer, more specifically hooligans. This movie is based on a novel The Football Factory by John King. Tommy is one of the main characters in this movie and the entire movie is about him basically. Tommy is a huge fan of Chelsea football club which is the most important part of his life. The movie is different and separates itself from most other soccer movies because it focuses less on the game and more on the culture of British hooligans.


Mean Machine (2001)

Mean Machine is a combination of action, sport, and comedy. It is particularly a great movie to watch with your friends. The story of the movie is similar to our first movie on the list – Victory. One famous British soccer player ends up in prison where he needs to play one of the most important matches of his life. That match he is playing is prisoners against the prison guards. In this movie, you can see David Hemmings, Jason Statham, and Danny Dyer.


The Damned United (2009)

The Damned United is a movie about the coach of one of the best clubs at the time in English league. It is very funny that coach Brian Clough needs to lead the club he hates. This movie may be more drama than actual football, but it is definitely worth the watch.


Goal: The Dream Begins (2005)

This is a great, inspirational and motivating movie about dreams and not giving up. It really deserves to be on this list of best soccer movies ever made. The focus of this movie is on Santiago Munez, a famous soccer player. His family from Mexico sneaked in the USA hoping to find a better life. The main actor was playing soccer during a match and one of the scouts got him an offer to come play in England for Newcastle football club. This move has a lot of drama but in the end, you can see a lot of success which will definitely get you fired up.



AUTHOR BIO: Mark is foosball player for 10 years and big soccer fan. He loves Chelsea like Tommy from Football factory, but he doesn’t encourage hooligans. He also has a blog about Foosball 101. There, he writes all about foosball and shares his foosball experience. On his blog, he wants to make foosball more popular and review stuff related to foosball like foosball tables and parts.

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