Channel 4: Kickabout Filming Location

Channel 4’s ‘kickabout‘ advert was filmed in Liverpool’s ‘Cardigan Street‘, between Cranborne Road & Cecil Street.


Cardigan St, Liverpool L15 1HN

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 53.400540, -2.937710







Official Advert

Release date: November 4th, 2017

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6 responses to “Channel 4: Kickabout Filming Location”

    • I think this is a brilliant bit of filming and very inventive with the kids playing football in the street with the C4 icon,with it culminating in the window getting broken and everyone running away.
      Reminds me of playing in the street and getting up to mischief when I was a lad!😊

  1. I loved playing in these streets when I was a child and living in the next Street (Salisbury Road) but always found in Cecil and Cranborne. The shop beind them was called Charlie’s back then. Everytime I see the advert, it takes me back to being 4-11yrs. I would love know who inspired the advert and particular location?

  2. The Google Lat & Long co-ordinates given above are spot on, but the L15 1HN postcode is the North part of Salisbury Rd a wee bit to the East.

    Getting the “correct” postcode is trickier as the Cecil St/Cardigan St/Cranborne Rd/Cadogan St crossroads sits right on the boundary between the L15 1 and L15 2 postcode sectors.

    Looking ESE up Cardigan Street, as per the advert, the immediate left hand side (E side of Cecil St) is L15 1HP while beyond (Cardigan St and the newsagents) is L15 1HA and to the right hand side (E side of Cranborne Rd) is L15 2HZ. Behind to your left (W side of Cecil St) is L15 1HR and to the right (W side of Cranborne Rd) is L15 2HY.

    The house whose window gets broken is 66 Cecil St, L15 1HR.

  3. The fella who lived in the house where the window gets smashed was a nasty piece of work. The big red building before the shop was a printing factory. He gave chase if you played on his walls too much. Once hit me. My Dad battered him haha.

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