The Actual Garage Where Google Started

Most huge internet companies these days have more than likely come from humble beginnings, with Google being one of them. It all started when Larry and Sergey were both college students looking for a cheap place to rent in Silicon Valley, San Francisco. Fortunately for them, they came across Susan Wojcicki’s home.

Susan, who was also a student at the time, was approached by Larry and Sergey who were looking for space to live/work. With Susan having recently purchased the house and prices in that area being known to be considerably high, Susan was happy to offer Larry and Sergey the garage space to rent, which was very much welcomed as the rent they paid would help contribute towards paying the mortgage.

If it wasn’t for the kind gesture of Susan being happy to rent out her limited garage space to Larry and Sergey, it begs the question as to whether Google would be where it is today – and if Susan would now be CEO of the biggest tech company in the world (YouTube) – as of 2014.

Take the tour

232 Santa Margarita Ave, Menlo Park, California, USA

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 37.457724, -122.163586


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