The Mini Bottom Flat Scale Model

We recently got in touch with Natalie who is the mastermind behind this incredibly detailed Bottom flat project that she started in October 2020. Below, she has kindly taken the time to explain the materials and methods used to get to this stage so far. And if you would like to see the project once it’s been completed, please show some support by giving her a follow on Instagram.

“I started the mini bottom flat back in October 2020 but up until recently it’s been sitting in pieces on a shelf in my cupboard. I decided to share the project on Instagram to help motivate me to make more progress on it and get it finished although it is still a long way off.

It is the first project I have ever made from scratch, meaning every element is handmade by me. Before this I had only dabbled in Airfix kits but always liked the idea of making my own models.

I chose to make the Bottom set because I adore the show and its such an iconic flat which is instantly recognisable to fans. I can’t believe no one has done it before.

My process involves a lot of trial and error, which can be very time consuming. And also watching the show over and over again which is great!

I decided I wanted to do the flat in 12th scale which basically means 1ft equals 1in also known as dollhouse scale. I started the planning stage on paper making sure I got all the dimensions right. I then moved on to the actual building stage. I built the structure from foam board, which is very easy to work with gluing the pieces together. Foamboard is not very robust though so at some point in the future I will have to reinforce it with something so it doesn’t fall apart!

Once the structure was complete, I made the skirting and doors out of 1.5mm bass wood. these were then glued in place. You don’t really see the wallpaper in the flat as its covered in so much dirt but it is there. I found a design I liked online and printed it off and glued it in. The wallpaper is only on the back walls though. For the other walls I used wall filler to cover the foamboard and painted it cream.

As the window and conservatory are quite intricate, I decide to use my Cricut machine. This involves designing the windows in Adobe Illustrator and then using the Cricut to cut them out of mount board. This definitely made the process a lot less painful and I am very pleased with the results.

I made the flooring using real mahogany veneer sheets which I cut to size and glued down. The flat is really starting to come together at this point, but was looking far too clean so I went in with some chalk pastels and watercolours to scummy it up a bit.

All the furniture I have made up to now has either been made with card or bass wood. When starting a piece, I will draw it out on paper making sure I get all the measurements correct. I will then generally design the piece in Illustrator and cut it out on the cricut. Its then just a case of gluing it together and painting it.

There is still so much to do to the flat before its completed. Its going to have a ceiling and lighting and there are so many props and easter eggs I want to include from each episode.”

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