Troll (2022) Film Locations

troll film locations

On December 1st, Netflix’s brand new Norwegian movie Troll had landed on the platform. Since then the movie has been a huge success, being the most viewed non-English language film during its first week. Reviews have also been positive, with a lot of people getting similar vibes to Godzilla, King Kong & Jurassic Park movies.

Furthermore, the natural beauty of Norway added to the quality of the movie. From beautiful mountains and valleys to the vibrant city of Oslo where the Troll is eventually stopped.


Location not found

Google Maps Co-ordinates: N/A

destroyed house

Bøverdalen, Norway (Troll woke up scene) (possible location?)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 61.575550, 8.219770

troll film locations

troll wakes up

Hunderfossen Eventyrpark, Fossekrovegen, Fåberg, Norway

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 61.227793, 10.437142

hunderfossen eventypark 2

hunderfossen eventypark troll in the snow


Nordenga Bru, Oslo, Norway

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 59.909465, 10.763215

troll bridge scene

troll destroys the bridge

troll bridge scene street view 2

Topcamp Ekeberg – Oslo, Ekebergveien, Oslo, Norway (Troll Death Scene)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 59.897629, 10.771121

troll death scene 2

troll death scene ariel 2

troll death scene

troll death scene ariel


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Official Trailer

Release: 01/12/2022

Director: Roar Uthaug

Run Time: 101m

Age Viewing: 12

Gross: N/A

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