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  • The Night Before – Funny Texting Scene

    The Night Before – Funny Texting Scene

    Hilarious scene from The Night Before, when Isaac (Seth Rogan), after accidentally switching phones with Sara, begins receiving “Dick Pics” from a mysterious “James”. Text Script: James: (Sends nude picture) James: “You like it?” James:  “Do you like it more now?”         Isaac: “Dope dick homey.” James: “Tx. Do you want it?” […]

  • Everest Film Locations

    Locations: Mount Everest, Nepal Google Maps Co-ordinates: 27.988087, 86.925304 Credit Extra: Official Trailer Release: 18/09/2015 Director: Baltasar Kormákur Run Time: 121m Age Viewing: 12 Gross: $43,482,270