The Night Before – Funny Texting Scene

Hilarious scene from The Night Before, when Isaac (Seth Rogan), after accidentally switching phones with Sara, begins receiving “Dick Pics” from a mysterious “James”.

Text Script:

James: (Sends nude picture)

James: “You like it?”

James:  “Do you like it more now?”

        Isaac: “Dope dick homey.”

James: “Tx. Do you want it?”

         Isaac: “Of course I want to have a dick like that.”

James: “Do you want to suck it?”

       Isaac: “No I don’t. I’ve never sucked a dick before.”

James: “You’ve never sucked a dick?”

         Isaac: “I once touched a guy’s dick at summer camp but that’s it.”

James: “You said you never sucked a dick before. But tonight you’re gonna.”




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