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  • Drake’s $5 Million California Mansion

    Drake’s $5 Million California Mansion

    Built in 1974, this is beautiful California mansion is home to Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur Drake. Purchased in 2012 for just over $2 million, the home comes with an incredible 7 beds, 9 baths, swimming pool and an awesome cave with a fountain. Location: 5841 Round Meadow Rd, Hidden Hills,…

  • Huge Grim Reaper Overlooks The Golden Gate Bridge

    Huge Grim Reaper Overlooks The Golden Gate Bridge

    If you are familiar with the Golden Gate Bridge, you may or may not be aware of this video of a huge grim reaper overlooking drivers crossing the bridge. At first glance the video looks extremely convincing however, you won’t encounter such a magnificent sight as the video is actually a computer animation made by…

  • Real-life House of Wax Location

    Real-life House of Wax Location

    An art installation by Alex Chinneck that was deliberately melted over a period of 55 days in 2014. The video at the bottom of the page shows the process of the melting in more detail. Location: 49, Southwark Street, south-east London, UK Google Maps Co-ordinates: 51.504587, -0.093735 Progression Video