Abandoned Coronation Street Set

Abandoned since 2013, the complete Coronation Street set as it looks now, in 2017. The new set is located at The Quays, Salford, just a 3.4 mile drive from the old set. Images credited to: Ben New Set Location: Coronation Street, The Quays, Salford Google Maps Co-ordinates: 53.470544, -2.302443 View old set Full Tour Advertisements

The Decay of Braddock (Before & After)

Similar to Detroit, the decay of Braddock in Pennsylvania is most probably in a more run-down condition. This small steel town has seen a massive decline in investment, with very little effort shown to redevelop the area – as the pictures below will show. Beautiful homes, businesses and entire streets have been stripped of their…

The Decay of Detroit (Before & After)

In pictures, the decay of Detroit within the last decade that is rather depressing. From beautiful, characterful homes to huge commercial-like buildings, the images below show how the lack of investment and the decline in production has forced crimes rates to be among the highest in the USA. This has resulted in beautiful homes (some of…

5 Beautiful Abandoned Homes

Our top 5 finds of homes that are (or look) abandoned. In this list you will be able to view these homes from the street if you decide to pack your bags and go out on an adventure. And, just from the street view images, they look worth the journey. The sheer character and size…

Joe Weller – Haunted Abandoned Church Location

Joe & Elliot explore the creepy abandoned church. Then, they go on to explore “The Original” mental asylum which right next door. Location: The Drive, Hailsham, UK Google Maps Co-ordinates: 50.890330, 0.268788 Hellingly Hospital, The Drive, Hailsham (Built by architect GT Hine and first opened in 1903 – More Info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 50.890646, 0.268080 Official Video