The Decay of Detroit (Before & After)

In pictures, the decay of Detroit within the last decade that is rather depressing. From beautiful, characterful homes to huge commercial-like buildings, the images below show how the lack of investment and the decline in production has forced crimes rates to be among the highest in the USA. This has resulted in beautiful homes (some of which over a century old) to become abandoned and gradually dilapidate.

It’s not all depressing though. A scheme has recently launched whereby a “small house project” is underway to help the low-income population in Detroit. This project is literally to serve it’s purpose of building small homes for the residents of Detroit who are “strapped for cash”. Find out more about this scheme here.

P.s. – You may notice that we are not going to write descriptions for each image. This is purely because we believe these pictures do actually speak a thousand words, therefore not needing to be emphasized by us in any way.

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