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  • 9/11 – 15 Year Anniversary

    9/11 – 15 Year Anniversary

    Today, (9/11/2016) is the day of the tragedy that took place in New York, 15 years ago. A day none of us will ever forget, and a day we should all come together to remember the innocent lives lost that day. Nearly 3000 people had lost their lives at the hands of one of the…

  • 10 Films That Predicted The Future

    10 Films That Predicted The Future

    The internet is full of conspiracies when it comes to movies predicting future events. However, nobody knows the real truth (Hence, ‘conspiracy’) behind why/how they can be so accurate. Sheer coincidence? that’s up to you. We’re not saying all content in this video is true or false. But, to gather your own, sensible suggestions and get your…