10 Films That Predicted The Future

The internet is full of conspiracies when it comes to movies predicting future events. However, nobody knows the real truth (Hence, ‘conspiracy’) behind why/how they can be so accurate. Sheer coincidence? that’s up to you.

We’re not saying all content in this video is true or false. But, to gather your own, sensible suggestions and get your mind thinking – which can only be a positive.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy this video that compiles an amount of movies that you could say predicted the future.

Movies listed in descending order:

#10 The Truman Show (Film Locations)

#9 War Games

#8 Videodrome

#7 Americathon

#6 Wag The Dog

#5 Game of Death

#4 Enemy of The State 

#3 Super Mario Bros.

#2 A Space Odyssey

#1 Back To The Future (Film Locations)


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