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  • Tom Petty’s House Location

    Tom Petty’s House Location

    The home of Tom Petty, an american rock artist that sadly passed away the 2nd October, 2017 of cardiac arrest. Tom purchased this property (sitting on a 2.6 acre plot) in 1998 for $3.75 million. This home – that was built in 1943 – now has an estimated worth of $16,502,568 according to Redfin. And believe…

  • Elisa Lam – Hotel Location

    Elisa Lam – Hotel Location

    The location of the hotel that accommodates the mysteriously unsolved death of Elisa Lam. Also including a video at the bottom of the page that looks at 5 theories surrounding the unexplained death of Elisa on February 19, 2013. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Location: Hotel Cecil, South Main Street, Los…