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  • GTA 5 Real-life Characters Interview

    At first glimpse, it’s not impossible to believe that these guys played Michael, Franklin and Trevor. It’s crazy, and if you didn’t know that the 3 main GTA 5 characters we’re the voices and the duplicate of real-life people/actors before, well, they are (obviously). And, if you’re lucky enough, you can meet them. Who was […]

  • Funny GTA V Advertisements

    Advertisement’s/Innuendo’s you would not see in real-life. #1. Chihuahoa hot dog’s anyone? #2. She love’s rimmers #3. Hard On competition – Soft On customers #4. Cafe Redemption #5. Run like a caveman… #6. STD Contractors – “Reliable erections for all Los Santos” #7. Butt Lovers  #8. Little Pr*cks #9. Anybody for some Rusty Browns ring […]