Funny GTA V Advertisements

Advertisement’s/Innuendo’s you would not see in real-life.

#1. Chihuahoa hot dog’s anyone?

Picture 042.jpg

#2. She love’s rimmers

Picture 034.jpg

#3. Hard On competition – Soft On customers

Picture 033.jpg

#4. Cafe Redemption

Picture 032.jpg

#5. Run like a caveman…

Picture 030.jpg

#6. STD Contractors – “Reliable erections for all Los Santos”

Picture 029.jpg

#7. Butt Lovers 

Picture 028.jpg

#8. Little Pr*cks

Picture 027

#9. Anybody for some Rusty Browns ring donuts?Picture 026.jpg

#10. Gruppe Sechs?

Picture 031.jpg

#11. Hippy Feet

Picture 035.jpg

#12. No-one!

Picture 036.jpg

#13. T*ts from Jakarta. A** from Somalia

Picture 037.jpg

#14. The all new iFruit

Picture 038.jpg

#15. Always!

Picture 039.jpg

#16. Pervert Stare

Picture 041.jpg

#17. Cherry Poppers

Picture 040.jpg


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