Car S.O.S – Garage Location


Westgate Classics Ltd, Westgate, Aldridge, England (Official Website)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 52.605683, -1.936216 



Series 2

Series From: 2013 – present (2017)

Locations seen:

  • Nissan R33 Skyline Episode: Jap Performance Parts, 34 Stephenson Way, Crawley RH10 1TN, UK


Phone: 01922 458526


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9 responses to “Car S.O.S – Garage Location”

  1. Hi I woz watching your program the other day and u woz doing a Nissan skyline and you woz going on about a Japanese car spares in England I would like the name ov it please. Coz I have a Nissan 350z

    • Hi Richard. We list locations of TV shows and are not a part of Car S.O.S. However, the location of that shop is Jap Performance Parts, 34 Stephenson Way, Crawley RH10 1TN, UK. Any other submissions you would like us to find submit them to our submissions page please.

      Thank you


  2. Hi Tim &Fuzz just looking at yere wonderful progamm doing up an A.c./Acea i hav a car with me dat reminds me somewhat of d above its a (wait for it) a 1960 jensen 541s its in pretty good condition but it has to b refurbished cld u pls get me some contacts to put dis rare old doll on the road again and a bit of advice

  3. Could you contact me regarding a spitfire that I would like to get done for my hubby , as he is I’ll and Is Constant chronic pain with his condition but always tries to be there for me and I have been through cancer and I’m at the moment in remission even though I have been seriously ill of light with fluid all in my lungs . This would mean so much to me .

    • Dia tim and fuss. Plz can u help i need my car restore as i have broken spine disc and cannot do paint my car anymore. Can u plz hav my car for de show its a voxhall corsa the old one thank u.

  4. Dear car sos, the digital dash fitted in the lotus could you let me know the company that made it. Many regards

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