The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick Filming Locations

the grand tour scandi flick locations

The trio’s first post-pandemic road trip takes them across the breath taking landscape of Norway in their favourite rally car – Audi, Subaru and a Mitsubishi.


Henningsvær Football Stadion, Løktveien, Henningsvær, Norway

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 68.148170, 14.200419

jeremy clarkson henningsvaer stadion

henningsvaer stadion

Sundklakkbrua, E10, Leknes, Norway

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 68.267185, 14.168538

richard hammond driving a subaru

BilXtra Bardufoss, Rustahøgdveien, Bardufoss, Norway

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 69.046053, 18.507251

grand tour bilxtra services

hammond and may falling over

YX Kongsvik – House of Burger, Kong Olavs vei, Kongsvika, Norway

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 68.564777, 16.275855

house of burger convenience store

Verktygshuset Kiruna, Forvägen, Kiruna, Sweden (Hammond and May find a manly shop)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 67.846608, 20.282159

hammond and may find a manly shop

Mangigatan 26, 981 33 Kiruna, Sweden

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 67.854780, 20.231773

la guna

Route Travelled

The road trip Jeremy, James and Richard take see’s them drive through the beautiful scenery of the north of Norway, and ending up at their final documented destination in Sweden. All-in-all, the trip is approximately a 10 hour and 38 minute drive – minus a few locations we are still yet to add along the way.


Official Trailer

Release date: September 2022

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